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As shown 8x8 Mammoth with Hops up package, wooden roof, wooden ramp with rope,grey rock climbing wall.
                                    $4875.00      (without Hops up package $4675.00) 

                  The Mammoth comes with

Steering wheel                    Trapeze bar with rings       
2 Handles                           2 Swings
Canvas roof                        8 foot Wave Slide
Wooden ramp with rope        Enclosed Turbo slide
The bottom is enclosed like the Lion's den model with 1 window opening and 1 doorway opening.
This model has 3 playing levels in it  and can be customized with accessories, including the
Hops up package ( as shown), giving your children plenty of headroom in the bottom and an upgrade to a 10 foot Wave Slide. You can also choose the 13 foot Wave Slide in place of the Enclosed Turbo Slide or add the 13 foot Wave Slide for a total of 3 slides giving your children the ULTIMATE SLIDING ADVENTURE!!



 without Hops up package  with Hops up package
6x6 Space for playset is 27'x16'           $3475.00          $3875.00
6x8 Space for playset is 29'x16'          $3650.00


8x8 Space for playset is 29'x18'           $3850.00          $4400.00